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What Are PLR Products?

PLR may sound a strange abbreviation if you are complete newbie to this term. PLR simply stands for Private Label Rights. Private label rights (PLR) are a special type of license or right which comes with the product which legally allows you to modify the PLR Article or eBook content and then publish it as your own.

Using PLR Articles you can easily create contents or post for your blog. Also, using PLR article you can promote your website on article directories. With PLR Articles you would have a steady flow of contents for your blog or site.

Typical PLR products are articles, eBooks, short reports, videos, audios, graphics and software’s. The things you can do with PLR articles and ebooks are almost limitless. You can sell them as it is or better option would be to edit them to make it unique and sell entirely new product with your affiliate links or website links.

Here’s Are Some Ways You Can Make Money With PLR Articles and eBooks:

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  • You can sell PLR Ebooks as they are or edit them to create your own unique product.
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  • If you have PLR for a set or package of articles, then you can easily combine them and package it as a ebook or report, which you then can sell on higher prices.
  • With PLR’s articles and eBooks you have the right to do basically what ever you want. This is big benefit as you can create number of variations and unique products without investing time and effort to create product from scratch.
  • PLR products saves time. Now you don’t have to spend hours and hours researching on topics and gathering information to create your own product. With PLR content, you are getting instant access to ready content and product written by experts.
  • PLR products saves money. Now you don’t have to hire freelancer to write contents for you. You can download free PLR articles and ebooks from here and avoid all high cost that freelancer charges for articles and contents.
  •  Build your own brand. Build trust and relationship by displaying your name on products.
  •  You can give the PLR product for free to attract and build relationship with your site visitors.
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Carpets PLR Articles Cats PLR Articles Cerebral Palsy PLR Articles
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Honeymoon PLR Articles Hyproponic Garden PLR Articles IBS PLR Articles
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Supercross PLR Articles Surround Sound PLR Articles Sweeteners PLR Articles
Taekwondo PLR Articles Time Management PLR Articles Timeshare PLR Articles
Tooth Care PLR Articles Travel PLR Articles Travel Tips PLR Articles
Triathlon PLR Articles Trophies PLR Articles Vacuum PLR Articles
Vitamins And Supplements PLR Articles Wealth Building PLR Articles Wedding Themes PLR Articles
Weight Loss PLR Articles Wheelchair Lifts PLR Articles Windsor Pilates PLR Articles


Note: This is just partial list of topics….there are many more topics and niches which are not mentioned in above list.

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Here are partial list of PLR Ebooks you will get for free:

1. Affiliate Basics Videos (4 Videos) w/ Master Resell Rights (MRR)
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31. Quick and Easy Tips for Reducing Stress w/ Master Resell Rights (MRR)
32. The PLR Process w/ Master Resell Rights (MRR)
33. Introduction To Article Marketing w/ Private Label Rights (PLR)
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40. Blogging For Profits (New Version) w/ Private Label Rights (PLR)

Note: This is just partial list. In download area you will get access to over 400 PLR eBooks and other Resell Rights products.

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